About Erika

Noordwijk, just after the war. Erika was 3 and grew up with parents and three brothers. Already felt the urge to create. But with what? Mother always made sure there was something to make with their hands. Bags, packaging or colourful sweets wrappings. By cutting and pasting the first works of art came into being.

An oppressive past, with a domineering and egocentric father. He would not tolerate anything from his children. A good conversation was impossible. Maybe that has contributed to her work being so full of emotion. For in making things she could express herself. Her way of expressing her emotions.

At school she did not try her hardest. After primary and secondary school she had to go to a teacher training college. But she wanted to go to art academy. It took some quarelling, but she got her way. There she went all out. She learned a great variety of techniques, but in the end chose her own form: mixed techniques and acrylic.

Anger and grief, passion and happiness: they can all be seen in her work. She does not need to kick at doors anymore to let her emotions fly. She now hurls them at the canvas. Feelings leave a clear mark, get shape in firm strokes, striking moves and expressive colours.

She thinks in colours, she sees them too. Visualisation, a method she learned in India. By talking to people images and colours find a way in. That way the inner world gets form and colour. With this she can help people. It is actually an extension of her work Colourful, lyrical and brimful of emotion.